The College Library has been playing a very significant role in the educational process and it is the heart of the institution. The library is the storehouse of knowledge that helps to achieve the objectives of education, conservation of knowledge and ideas as well as teaching and research programmes. Our College Library performs a variety of functions by the way of collecting information, processing, retrieving the relevant information and providing it to the users. The library also helps the students and faculty with text books, reference books, magazines and journals and also e-resources with respect to all subject areas. The College Library is committed to provide an easy and ready access to library resources for updating the knowledge base of the students and staff. Our endeavor is to keep the users of our library abreast of the state-of-the art inputs in respect of their discipline, so that they can face confidently challenges thrown open by 21st Century. We are streamlining our concerted efforts to build our library as an excellent center for disseminating information. With the increasing impact of Information Communication Technology on higher education, the library has adopted ICT tools for the providingeffective library services to the users. The library is fully automated since 2012 with VRIDDHI library management software developed by Hindustan Computer Limited, Malegaon Dist- Nashik.

Salient Features

Library of Arts Science and Commerce College, Chopda is the Nucleus of the Teaching –Learning program. Though the collection is not large by number, it is rich in quality. It has crossed the number of books more than 60000. The basic function of any documents is the use and hence a user occupies important place in functioning of the library. Library helps students for their completed course. Lectures, laboratory and other instrument sometime these medium becomes unable to provide information to students that time library become very helpful for them.

The new technologies which are computer E-mail and telecommunication these media daily and continuously used in the library. Earlier all work of library done by manually for ex. Circulation, letter writing, management of files, list of readers, classification, cataloguing, management of periodicals, stock verification, ordering and approval system. Now a day all these works are completed or done by using computer.
We welcome the users of library services. A brief profile of the library along with services offered and important library rules are given herewith. It will help a reader to use the library effectively.

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