Mahatma Gandhi Study & Research Center

Mahatma Gandhi Study & Research Center was established in our college in the year 2006 with financial aid of Rs. Seven Lakhs under the UGC scheme of EPOCH Making Social Thinkers of India. This centre is being established with the sole aim of inculcating amongst the students and researchers the core values propounded by Mahatma Gandhi.

The major objectives of the Centre are to propagate social and political ideas of Mahatma Gandhi & Neo Gandhians in the students & other members of the society through lectures & workshops, to conduct research in the above areas, to publish research work produced by Research Scholars, lectures & Seminars.


  • To inculcate the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi into Student’s mind.
  • To keep away students from violence.
  • To provoke the habit of reading of thoughtful literatures among the students.
  • To motivate the students to do research on the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

Committee Mambers

  • Dr.K.N.Sonawane
  • Mr.L.B.Patle
  • Dr.V.R.Huse
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