Library Committee

Library Committee is an advisory body to advise the authority on the policy matters relating to the management of the Library. The policy matters on which they make recommendations would include finalization of Library annual budget, sub-allocation of Library budget to different categories of expenditure like, books, journals required by each Department, and for equipment and staff requirement, etc. finalization of library rules.

No Name Designation Status
1 Dr. D. A. Suryawanshi Principal Chairman
2 Shri. K.S.Bhavsar Asst. Prof. Convenor
3 Dr.V.R.Kamble Librarian Member Secretary
4 Shri. D. S. Patil Asst. Prof. Member
5 Dr. H. G. Chaudhari Asst. Prof. Member
6 Dr. C. R. Deore Asst. Prof. Member
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