Student Welfare Schemes


Yuvtisabha platform is provided for the girl students for developing their personality by motivating them to participate in different activities along with their regular studies. Most of students admitted in college are from deprived section of society so a view to increase their confidence, seminars, workshops, trainings and action sessions are organized on various topics. The programs organized under Yuvtisabha includes- Inaugural function of Yuvtisabha, One day Personality Development workshop, Eight day Swayamsiddha Abhiyan (Marshal art and judo karate training), Women’s day, Traditional Sari day etc.


  • To empower girls.
  • To make the girls who are undergoing education through this scheme more cultured, more capable.
  • Girls need to be self-reliant, self-defensive, self-defeating to give scientific training through Swayamsiddha Abhiyan.
  • To make the students competent and intelligent, they are provided guidance on Health Law, Culture, Life Value, Historical Heritage, Environmental Counseling, Self-Employment and Leadership Development Through personality development workshop
  • To provide a fear-free environment and boost their self-confidence.
  • To reduce stress and conflicts
  • To increase positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, friendly nature.

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