Botany Department


  • Department of Botany established since the opening of MGSMs Arts, Science and Com College. Hon. Late Akkasaheb Sharadchandrika Suresh Patil was the First Head of the Department.
  • In the beginning the department was run with UG Classes. Dr. K. S. Sonavane, Dr.Gotru & Dr B.R.Kamble were the pre period heads & Faculties of the department.
  • In 2013 Dr.R.M.Bagul handed over the Charge as a Head of the department with Newly established well equipped, ventilated & Spacious Laboratories under the guidance of President MGSMs Hon. Adv Sandip Suresh Patil & Secretary MGSMs Hon. Taisaheb Dr. Smitatai Sandip Patil.
  • Continuously excellent results with increasing the flow of students to the department.

Salient Features

  • The Department Has Post Graduate Research Centre Recognized by KBCNMU Jalgaon.
  • Presently Three Students Registered under the supervision of Dr. R.M. Bagul
  • Department has its own Botanical Garden comprises many fold type of vegetation conserved
  • Playing significant role in the conservation of Biodiversity in the form of Flora and Fauna.
  • The Botanical Garden helps in increase in the Productivity surrounding area by means of providing habitat to the insect of biological importance in the form of flowering plants.
  • Sufficient infrastructure with well equipped, ventilated & Spacious Laboratories for the students.

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