ICT Tools

Information communication technology tools (ICT) enabled teaching is a buzzword in the in the 21st century. ICT tools for teaching and learning helps students in better understanding on the contents. In this digital era use of ICT in the classroom is important for giving students opportunities to learn and apply the essential 21st century skills. Due to ICT importance the college has incorporated number of ICT tools in day-to-day teaching process. ICT tools contribute to higher level of learning as they have potential to increase students’ motivation, connect students to various e-resources and provides more time for the instructor in the classroom. ICT tools play important role in the teaching of abstract concepts. Information communication technology tools are digital infrastructure ranging from Computer laptops, LCD projector to more sophisticated tools as follows:

No Title Action
1 Edunext Click Here
2 Website Word Press Click Here
3 Google Sites Click Here
4 Google Class Room Click Here
5 WebX Click Here
6 Google Meet Click Here
7 ICT Enabled Lecture Click Here
8 Microsoft Powerpoint Click Here
9 Testmoz Click Here
10 Youtube Click Here
11 Zoom Click Here
12 Draw Tools Click Here
13 Google Docs Click Here
14 Google Drive Click Here
15 Google Slides Click Here
16 Jamboard Click Here
17 Screencastomatic Click Here


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